Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 9

Entry routine:

First 10 minutes in class:

This class has taken to singing "Comment ├ža va?" as soon as French class starts. They do this completely on their own! They love this song: it's from Alexandre and it's ancient. Cannot buy it anywhere anymore. I had an old cassette and converted it to CD and then into my computer.

I called the SMARTboard "Le tableau intelligent" today and my French immersion student told me it wasn't really intelligent.... I love this type dialogue with him because it allows the other boys to witness us having a regular conversation in French.

I was thrilled today when a student said "Trois mois..... saison!". He was trying to say "Il y a trois mois dans une saison". Baby steps towards fluency... it's so exciting!


  1. Hi Sylvia, I liked your mini lesson on Ce n'est pas. Later, part of the lesson you did standing up. Were you asking the children to look at some chart with question words? Was there an English translation? Just curious. I've been working on a particular question word every day in context with events in class. Have not reached pourquoi/parce que.

  2. HI Elaine,

    Yes, I was reviewing the gestures for "Les questions".