Monday, September 28, 2009

Adding video after every 5th class

I am now cutting back my videos to once every 5 classes. Since I do not see this class every day, my next post will be Tues. Oct. 6! (I see them 6 days out of 8, for 40 minutes/class).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 10

Today was "House Day", a very exciting day full of activities and competitions for the entire school. The students are dressed in the colours of their house, so I thought it would be a good idea to review colours and to introduce the word "maison". (I realized after that "Quelle couleur est la maison Cartier" is not correct. I should have been asking "De quelle couleur.....). Oh well!

Sometimes starting class like this in the hallway can be a real challenge, especially if the hallway is busy, like today!

Day 10 Entry Routine

Day 10 First 10 minutes in class

At the end of this video I review the question words, but the camera was not on me, so I did it again here, with no students:


Day 9

Day 9 Entry routine

Day 9 First 10 minutes in class

This class has taken to singing "Comment ├ža va?" as soon as French class starts. They do this completely on their own! They love this song: it's from Alexandre and it's ancient. Cannot buy it anywhere anymore. I had an old cassette and converted it to CD and then into my computer.

I called the SMARTboard "Le tableau intelligent" today and my French immersion student told me it wasn't really intelligent.... I love this type dialogue with him because it allows the other boys to witness us having a regular conversation in French.

I was thrilled today when a student said "Trois mois..... saison!". He was trying to say "Il y a trois mois dans une saison". Baby steps towards fluency... it's so exciting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 8

Day 8 Entry Routine

Day 8 First 10 minutes in class

This is an impromptu lesson on "Les Saisons" prompted by a boy who says "Today is the first day of autumn!" We have a hard time coming up with the names of the 4 seasons, but finally my French immersion student, Jacques, comes up with the answer. This is why I love having French immersion students in my class. They can take the lead and help out with vocabulary!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 6

Day 6 Entry routine

Day 6 First 10 minutes of class

I am starting to lose my patience with boys who do not look at me while I gesture. We practice "Regarde-moi, s'il te plait" quite a lot!

Day 4

Day 4 Entry routine

Day 4 First 10 minutes in class

Day 5 Entry Routine

Day 5 Entry routine

Camera didn't work for the first 10 minutes of class so no video after the Entry Routine!

Day 3

Day 3 Entry routine

Day 3 First 10 minutes in class

Day 2

Much better with a tripod!

Day 2 Entry routine

Day 2 First 10 minutes in class

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My blog officially opens today

Hello there,

This is the first official entry of my blog. The purpose of this blog is primarily to follow the progression of a grade 3 class I teach using the AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method). I will post videos of them as often as possible.

Sorry about the shaky picture: had a grade 6 student film this. Got a tripod right after I viewed these videos!

Enjoy and please blog back with comments or suggestions.

The first Entry Routine

Day 1, The first 10 minutes of class