Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 15

This is Day 15 (I made a mistake editing the video and called it Day 11).

I had to get cross with a boy today who would not stop touching a heavy wooden plaque that was hanging on the wall behind him. If it had fallen, it would have caused him serious damage!

Entry routine:


First 10 minutes in class:

(We are working on counting group points!)


  1. Great lesson on numbers Sylvia. Things are coming together with the boys. The progress is impressive. You are keeping me on my toes and giving me so many ideas on fabulous lesson plans. Keep them coming. I will experiment as well and let you know if something great pops up in my classes that's works well. Will stay tuned. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks Elaine. Here is a PP I use to practice numbers with my students:

    Then there's Juli Powers' fabulous "Comptimon chanson":

  3. Thanks Sylvia for the pp on numbers. I also have Julie's CD. We had her at our school last winter. The kids love her. I did your mon,ma,mes etc.. with pencils and erasers today. I used a boy beside me in a chair for son sa ses. When I reviewed again, I put a girl in the chair and asked the kids if anything would change. About half the class said "Oui". We were able to work in "Ca ne fait rien" and talk about the gender of the pencil and the eraser. Not sure it all took, but a little review next week will be interesting.

  4. Just realized that you do not have any girls in your class. Do you ever see a problem with this in an all boys school? I am going on the idea of out of sight out of mind. Sylvia, I feel like a leech sometimes, but you are a font of information and experience. I have been teaching many years and this program has rejuvenated me. After class today a grade 5 student told me what she was doing on the Thanksgiving weekend. The only word she needed was Foire. Ca c'est fantastique! A favour stp: Do you have a lesson on "y". The kids find this easy on paper (grade 8 not doing AIM)but they do know some gestures because I cannot help myself in transferring AIM into grade 8 (here and there). I just don`t think `y` has been internalized. Any suggestions....Only do this when you have the time. Thanking you in advance. Your energy is incroyable.

  5. Hi Elaine,

    I am so glad that you are finding the videos useful... it sounds like a very successful class you conducted with the mon/ma/mes. I love that idea of having a girl go up and saying "Ca ne fait rien!". Unfortunately, I can't do that!

    I love teaching boys... their energy is perfect for AIM!

    For "Y" I just say "Le mot Y remplace le mot "là". And I give tons of examples like. "On peut dire 'Je veux aller là' ou 'Je veux Y aller'; "On peut dire 'Tout le monde doit retourner là' ou 'Tout le monde doit Y retourner' etc.

    (I don't actually formally teach Y anymore bcz I don't do the play Comment Y aller anymore and I only teach up to gr. 4. so I probably won't be doing a video of it!)

  6. Sylvia, I lost my first comment to you so this will be short. Thank you for a lesson on `Y`. I will use this. Merci. I have been watching the interactions on aim language learning forum. you are a hit. These videos are what everyone has been craving. You are filling the need and quelching a gazillion questions with your videos. Targeted lesson are the best! Thanks again Sylvia.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments, Elaine! I'm always eager to "Spread the AIM word" and help out teachers in any way possible.