Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 20

Entry Routine:

First 10 minutes of class:

We are still working on counting group points!


  1. Hi Sylvia,
    I have also been working on numbers with the points. We had a game of mets les mots en ordre on Thursday. All the words are in an envelope and they relate to the play LCLL. The envelopes are all numbered and placed in a small bin on the floor which is also numbered. The kids must put as many sentences together as possible in a limited amount of time. They must call me over to verify the sentence is correct and then a scribe writes it down and they return the envelope to the bin and get a new one. They have learned the phrase: "Madame vient ici s'il te plait." I urge them to use the written play if they are struggling. They are very competitive because I give 50 points for the team who comes in first, 40 points for the team in second, etc...The room is just a buzzing en francais. I allow some time at the end of this activity to count up the points that have been now added to their past points. This activity works like a charm. I have about 10 - 12 sentences in total, all in their separate envelopes. This is a great group activity. Just be ready to bounce around the room verifying sentences. When the time is up, I collect the paper from each group and count up the sentences. Can't wait for your next lesson. Was that your principal in the hallway. So nice to hear a teacher (other than a French teacher) speak French. He was very impressed with the class. Kudos to you Sylvia!

  2. HI Elaine,

    I play that game to with "Met les mots en ordre" and my students love it!

    The teacher in the hallway is a retired French teacher who does supply teaching at our school. He covers my classes from time to time and he can't believe how he doesn't have to speak English to my students and that they don't speak English in the French class, even when I'm not there. He used to teach gr.7 & 8 and says his students could never speak French like mine do (gr. 3, 4, & 5).